Body glow tanning

You have a number of options to build your own tan or self-tan with body glow tanning products. Choose a self-tanning lotion, airbrush spray tan or tanning oil. You can use tanning oil with a low SPF to get a tan while you are outdoors. Self-tanners can be applied over time until you reach the shade of bronze you desire. Try a body glow tanning product from Banana Boat, Jergens or L'Oreal to get your golden glow.

Easy application and coverage

Decide which form of body glow tanning will be easiest for you to use. You can apply self-tan lotions for a number of days to get your ideal tan. Airbrush sprays are easy to apply and you can look like you just came from the salon. If you prefer to get your tan from the sun, you can try dry oil sprays that absorb quickly so you can go about your business while you soak in the sun's rays.

Tanning options

In addition to tanning lotions and self-tan sprays and moisturizers, there are also bronzer makeup that you can use for a more temporary glow. Some bronzers are for your face and others work on your entire body. There are also self-tanner lotions specifically for your face that are formulated to be noncomedogenic.