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Body Massage Oil

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Body Massage Oil

A relaxing massage can be made even more stress-relieving through the use of massage oils. These friction-reducing oils allow a massage therapist's hands to glide over the skin, reducing friction and muscle tension. At Walgreens, our selection of body massage oils can improve the massage experience by providing adequate slip and treating the senses to aromatherapy. Deciding factors that can help you select the right massage oil include absorption and scent.

Massage Oil vs Lotion

Our massage selections are available in lotions, creams and oils. While massage creams and lotions do contain oils, they often have additional ingredients added that make for a thicker texture. The benefit of this is they will not drip or run as easily as massage oils can and they don't feel as greasy. However, creams are not as easily poured on the body and may require friction from rubbing together with your hands to enhance their warmth before applying to the body. Massage oils generally make the skin more slippery, making for better glide from the beginning.

What's In Massage Oil?

Many of our massage oil products contain a combination of healing botanical oils. These oils, such as almond, coconut and olive oils, have been used for hundreds of years for a variety of purposes. They are known as essential oils because they are made from natural plant sources and give off a natural fragrance. Most oils are made from pressed seeds that release their oils for use in a massage setting. Argan oil is made from crushing seeds of the argan tree. Oils made with almond, jojoba or coconut oil tend to be lighter in texture than olive oil. The lighter oils tend to absorb more quickly. You may have to apply them faster than an olive oil massage option. However, the lighter oils tend to feel less greasy.

Aromatherapy Massage Oils

Our aromatherapy massage oil options include eucalyptus, which is intended to clear respiratory passages to promote better breathing. The Lavender and Wild Orchid oil has a fresh, floral scent that is designed to relieve stress and make the massage experience more relaxing.

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