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Body Shimmer

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Body shimmer

Get just the right amount of body shimmer to make your skin glow. Here at, shimmer comes in various forms that can look and feel different on your skin. Choose from body shimmer sprays, powders, lotions and more from brands such as Olay, Liz Claiborne and Hawaiian Tropic.

For radiant and healthy skin

You can give your skin a slight radiant glow while you protect it from UV rays by using a sunscreen lotion that contains body shimmer. For everyday moisturizing, try a body shimmer lotion that offers deep moisture for smooth, soft skin. You can use body shimmer powders for a little fragrance and sheen that can keep you fresh and dry throughout the day. Other shimmer sprays are made to add a healthy glow to your legs, face or entire body.

Bronzing options

In addition to body shimmer, you can find a wide selection of beauty products that can help your skin glow. There are many different types of bronzers, including bronzer makeup and sprays. Some bronzers, like shimmer, are included in sunscreen products to help your skin look instantly glowing and moisturized. Sunless tanning products such as airbrush spray tans and self-tanning lotion can give you a sun-kissed look without spending time in the sun.

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