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Body Scrub

Feel clean and refreshed with the right body scrub. Body scrubs reveal fresher, healthier-looking skin, reinvigorate dry, damaged skin and cleanse at the same time. Check out popular options, such as salt body scrubs, which rely on the natural exfoliating and healing properties of sea salt. Essential oils, as well as nut oils, are common additions that provide extra moisturizing qualities and soothe damaged skin. Similar to salt-based scrubs, sugar body scrub also relies on the exfoliating power of sugar crystals.

Complete your body-care regimen

Make sure you include exfoliators, such as sea salt and sugar scrubs, in your body-care regimen to remove dead skin and refresh your body's natural glow. Other exfoliators, including apricot and micro-bead scrubs, are also great options. Seek a gentler exfoliant specially for your skin type if you have sensitive skin. Do not forget about a proper cleanser to complete your care regiment. Cleansers are a critical part of hygiene and help prevent acne and other skin problems before they even start.