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Boost Kids Essentials

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Boost Kids Essentials

Getting kids to eat and drink enough to get all the nutrients they need can be tough, particularly if your child has a medical condition that makes it difficult for them. Boost Kids Essentials contain essential vitamins and minerals, as well as the protein that kids need to grow. Of course, kids can be picky, but the delicious flavors of Boost Kids Essentials are designed to appeal to young palates.

Nutritional Benefits of Boost Kids Essentials

Boost Kids Essentials contain a balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats to support your child's growth and development. Each serving of Boost Kids Essentials also contains calcium and vitamin D which supports the development of healthy bones. They also contain a range of other essential vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and iron. Some drinks in the Boost Kids Essentials range also contain fiber in order to help promote healthy digestion.

Fantastic Flavors

Boost Kids Essentials come in three delicious flavors: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. These flavors are designed to appeal to even the pickiest palates, making it easier for you to persuade your kids to take in the nutrients they need. Boost Kids Essentials are flavored with natural and artificial flavors. They are also free from high fructose corn syrup. Most Boost products are also free from lactose and gluten. You can choose the nutritional supplement that suits your child's dietary requirements.

When Kids Need a Boost, Choose Boost Kids Essentials

Some doctors recommend Boost Kids Essentials as a nutritional supplement for kids who find it difficult to take in enough nutrients or calories. Some Boost Kids Essentials products may be used for tube feeding kids who cannot eat normally, but you should discuss this option with your child's physician and carefully follow instructions provided. For other kids, Boost Kids Essentials can be used as part of a normal diet to provide extra vitamins, minerals and protein. The ready-made drinks in the Boost Kids Essentials range are easy to use; simply shake the carton before opening it, inserting the straw, and giving the drink to your child.

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