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Braun Replacement Heads

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Braun Replacement Heads

Replacing the head of your Braun electric shaver approximately once every 18 months can help to ensure that your shave is consistently close and comfortable. Braun Replacement Heads can be easily fitted onto your device to maintain the performance of your electric shaver. You can enjoy years of high-quality shaving with your electric shaver by using Braun Replacement Heads to replace the cutting parts as they begin to wear out.

When to Replace the Head of a Braun Electric Shaver

Although Braun electric shavers are designed to last for many years, the foil and cutter block inevitably wear out as they perform the tough task of cutting through millions of hairs each year. Braun recommends that electric shaver owners replace the head approximately once every 18 months to maintain the quality of the shaver's performance. If you notice that your shave quality has started to deteriorate, becoming less close and comfortable, then Braun Replacement Heads could make shaving an enjoyable experience once again.

How to Shop Braun Replacement Heads

When shopping for Braun Replacement Heads, it is important to understand which replacement parts are compatible with your shaver. Most Braun Replacement Heads only fit certain models, such as Series 3, Series 7, or Pulsonic shavers. Always check the product information before purchase to make sure you buy a head that is compatible with your shaver model. According to Braun, using the wrong shaver head could damage your electric shaver, so it's important to only use official Braun Replacement Heads and choose the correct model each time.

How to Fit Braun Replacement Heads

Changing the head on a Braun electric shaver is generally a very simple process. Many Braun shavers have release buttons, which you can press to detach the shaver head. If your shaver doesn't have a release button, then gently pulling the head should detach it from the shaver body. Next, simply clip the replacement head into place and check that it is secure before using the shaver.

Benefits of Braun Replacement Heads

Braun Replacement Heads feature advanced shaving technologies, such as Braun's ergonomic Optifoil, which gives an incredibly close shave while maximizing skin comfort. By maintaining your Braun shaver and replacing the head once every 18 months, you can enjoy a close and comfortable shave every day.

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