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Braun Shaver

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Braun Shaver

Personal grooming is an important part of everyday life, and it should be a positive experience. For well over half a century, Braun Shavers have been designed to provide innovative technology, ease of handling and superior ergonomics to make shaving an easier process for both men and women. Braun, a premium German brand of consumer electronics, uses the concept of "go beyond" engineering, viewing their designs in the context of consumer experience, with the goal to design products that make a difference in people's lives. The series of Braun Shaver products provides a range of shavers and trimmers, to fit the needs of every individual.

The Right Tool for Every Need

The origin of shaving is based on the use of a sharp blade against tender skin. By the middle of the Twentieth Century, however, a new paradigm was beginning to be formed, and Braun was there to help develop it. Since the 1950s, Braun has engineered electric shavers, developing ever thinner and more sensitive foils for greater comfort, increased motor speeds for better power ergonomic design for easier use. In addition to general-use shavers, Braun has developed wet-and-dry shavers, for use under the shower and with foams and gels. Their pioneering Clean & Renew" System shavers hygienically clean, charge and lubricate the razor for maximum performance. Mobile shavers, with their compact size and battery power, are perfect for use at work, in the car, at the gym or during overnight trips. Men who choose to shave their bodies and heads can find specialized Braun systems; beards can be kept looking neat and well-groomed, including well-defined edges along the face and neck. Of course, women's shaving needs are also met with Braun shavers.

A History of Advanced Engineering

Founded by engineer Max Braun in 1921 in the German city of Frankfurt a/M, Braun's progress was driven by technical innovation, long-lasting quality and outstanding design. The company's chief designer, Dieter Rams, established Braun's philosophy of "Strength of Pure" to focus on superb functionality, down to the smallest detail. Now, that dedication to precision provides you with the best shaving systems.

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