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Breast cancer prosthesis

Find a comfortable, appropriately shaped breast cancer prosthesis here at Walgreens.com. Available in different shades and shapes, breast prostheses are usually interchangeable and can be used for the right or left side. Decide whether you'd like a prosthesis that is all one color or a breast cancer prostheses that's more detailed and realistic-looking. Choose a breast prosthesis that meets your preference from Nearly Me.

Look natural

Breast cancer prostheses come in triangle and oval shapes. There are different shades available so you can select one that matches your skin tone. Most prostheses come with a cloth cover that you can use if you prefer. Made out of lightweight silicone, cancer prostheses come in a range of sizes and are designed to feel and look natural in your mastectomy bra.

Post-mastectomy care

After going through a mastectomy, you'll need a post-mastectomy bra that holds your breast prosthesis in place. There are different bras to choose from, including lace or plain and in a range of colors. You can also find scar management treatments such as scar sheets you can cut to size or breast anchor sheets that are in the shape of a common scar.