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Breastfeeding Pillows

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Breastfeeding pillows

Stay comfortable while you breastfeed with breastfeeding pillows. These pillows for breastfeeding can minimize back strain and are ideal for positioning your baby for optimal feeding. You can choose a color that suits you, and the covers come off for easy washing and care.

Safe and effective

Find a breastfeeding pillow that will stay securely in place. Nursing pillows with a wrap-around design that conforms to your body can eliminate any gap between you and your baby. Breastfeeding cushions that have a front with a flat design can prevent the baby from rolling while feeding. A breastfeeding pillow with a pocket is convenient for keeping your phone or other nursing accessories that can be otherwise difficult to keep track of.

Preparing to nurse

We carry other nursing necessities, including a variety of breast pumps. You can even get a breast pump kit that includes a cooler, bottles and a bag to carry everything. There are a several choices of baby bottles and nipples in different colors and styles. Find nipple shields and nursing bra pads that are disposable. Nursing stools can provide additional comfort during breastfeeding by raising your feet and elevating your lap.

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