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Breath Mints

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Breath Mints

Are you ever self-conscious about the freshness of your breath? Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is something that most people experience at some point during their lives, but you don't have to hide from everyone. Breath mints can quickly freshen your mouth, allowing you to get up close without worrying about your breath. Enjoy the taste and the confidence that these mints can provide.

Fantastic Flavors

Breath mints come in a range of tasty flavors, including peppermint and wintergreen. These wonderfully refreshing mints provide a burst of flavor that can help to clear your head while freshening your breath. If you are watching your weight, or you want to avoid sugar on your teeth, you can choose sugar-free breath mints, which are generally lower in calories than mints that contain sugar. By choosing low-calorie mints, you can nibble on these tasty snacks during the day without ruining your diet or promoting tooth decay.

Freshness on the Go

Have you ever eaten a meal at a restaurant that had just a little too much garlic or had a strong, black coffee that left you wondering whether you have coffee breath? These common situations can leave you feeling self-conscious for the rest of the day, until you can go home and clean your teeth to rid your mouth of the lingering flavors. Carrying a pack of breath mints around with you means that you can enjoy strongly flavored foods without having to deal with smelly breath after the meal. Don't cut short the fun to run home to your toothbrush; instead, use mints to freshen your breath so you can continue relaxing with friends.

Causes of Bad Breath

Some people struggle with bad breath even when they are careful to avoid smelly foods and drinks. There can be many underlying causes, including certain medications. Sucking on a breath mint can help to stimulate the salivary glands, while the strong minty flavor masks any undesirable scents. Certain health conditions can also lead to bad breath. Consult your dentist if your bad breath problem continues to find out whether there is an underlying cause.

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