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Brown beard color

Brown beard color changes your look instantly and gives you a younger appearance. Available in a wide variety of different shades, brown beard color provides a quick and simple way to keep your beard color the same as your hair color.

Choosing beard dye

When you choose beard dye, you should attempt to match the dye to your original beard color or the color of your natural head hair or hair coloring. Available shades at Walgreens.com include light brown, ash brown, medium brown, and dark brown. If you are unsure of the right color to use, pick a lighter shade first and then use a darker brown beard color if you decide the initial shade is too light. Brown beard color is formulated to work specifically on the coarse hair of a beard or mustache, so it works better than trying to dye your beard or mustache with standard hair dye.

Coloring your beard

Brown beard color can make you look younger because it covers up stubborn gray hairs in your beard. Beard color dye comes with a brush for easy application, and the thick gel is designed to be drip-free, so you don't need to worry about staining your clothing while coloring your beard or mustache. Each box of beard color contains multiple applications, so you can save the portion you don't use for the next time. Applying brown beard color is typically simple and quick, and you can generally finish coloring your beard in about five minutes.