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Bubble bath

Help turn bath time into a fun, soothing or fragrant experience with bubble bath. Whether you'd prefer a calming bath for stress relief or a moisturizing soak for dry skin, there are many different bath oils, bath salts and more with ingredients to help soothe and relax. There is even bubble bath products that are gentle enough for your little ones' skin to help make bathing more playful. You'll find a variety of bubble bath, salts & oils from brands Aura Cacia, Village Naturals, Canus and others here at Walgreens.com.

Relaxation at home

Choose from a variety of foam baths, mineral salts and essential oils to create the mood you're looking for or to soothe aching muscles. You can clear your mind with a stress relief bubble bath or prepare for restful sleep with an aromatherapy oil. There are many ways to transform your bath experience, from mineral bath oil to foam products or skin-conditioning milk bath. To moisturize when you're pressed for time, try a shower gel with oils for everyday hydration.