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Bubble gum

Bubble gum is a favorite of many people, whether they are children or adults. Chewing on gum can help loosen the jaw muscles, stave off hunger, and more. Walgreens.com has gum from classic brands like Dubble Bubble, Bazooka and Hubba Bubba.


Gum comes in many different forms and flavors, from classic to sugar-free. You can get bubble gum in sticks or small square pieces. Some types of gum include flavor crystals, and some types are created to look like a block or cube. The type of gum you will enjoy can vary, but there are many flavors to choose from. There are peppermint, spearmint, bubble gum, watermelon, kiwi, cinnamon, and other flavors of gum to choose from.

Packaging bubble gum

Bubble gum packaging is available in a lot of designs, from packs that slip into the wallet or purse to large jars of gum. The jars normally have a lid that can be popped open and resealed, making it easy to carry a large amount of gum with you at any time. The smaller packs that fold into a square or rectangle may include wrapped gum that is in foil. These packs normally have five to 16 sticks, but the number of pieces included can vary from company to company. If you really enjoy gum, consider buying a multipack. Multipacks of gum are great if you like to keep one in the car, one in a purse or backpack, and one at home. Bubble gum variety packs are also available, and these are wonderful if you want to try new flavors.