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Burberry Perfume

If you're looking for something timeless and undeniably sophisticated with a dash of British class, Burberry Perfume will tick all the boxes.

Be Inspired by Burberry Perfume

Burberry Perfume is the ultimate luxury item, whether you want to use it every day, save it for special occasions or choose it as a gift for someone important in your life.

Synonymous with the image of Burberry's world-famous trench coat, Burberry Perfume comes in bottles cloaked in fabric, embossed with the trademark check pattern or adorned with a cloth ribbon for a unique touch. Elegant muted browns are given some life with the added shimmer of silver or gold.

Scents are contemporary and often inspired by the types of fabric associated with the latest trends in clothing design, as well as the emotions evoked by the aromas of fresh fruit, sweet flowers and warm wood. Burberry Perfume offers a variety of scents to suit your lifestyle and complement or lift your mood.

For a deep, long-lasting scent to develop and evolve with you during the day, Burberry Perfume eau de parfum will enhance your mood and make you feel special. If you want something lighter and fresher to brighten your day but not linger too long, try Burberry Perfume eau de toilette.

A Classic Brand

Quintessentially British, Burberry has always offered products of the highest quality infused with the classic luxury expected from the brand. Founded in 1856, Burberry has evolved over time from its association with the pioneering mountaineers, aviators and adventurers who wore Burberry coats, to being at the forefront of modern fashion.

Using innovative design and excellent craftsmanship, Burberry keeps ahead of the changing trends in clothing, accessories and perfume, helping men and women define themselves in today's world.

Burberry also prioritizes philanthropy, helping young people to understand and harness their inner creativity and make the most of opportunities they find in school, work and life.

Burberry and You

Burberry Perfume can help you express who you are or even who you aspire to be. Choose your favorite kind of Burberry Perfume and feel elegant, confident and special every day.