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Butter Cookies

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Butter cookies

When you need a quick snack or you crave a sugary treat, you might reach for a package of butter cookies. These cookies use butter and other ingredients, which gives the cookies a crunchy exterior. offers cookies from delicious brands like Royal Dansk, Keebler and Oreo.

Choosing shortbread cookies

Some refer to butter cookies as shortbread cookies. Shortbread and butter cookies are very similar because the only difference is the shape of the cookie. Finger cookies have a long and thin shape that you can dip into a cup of coffee or milk. If you want a cookie to dip in chocolate or eat out of the package, you might consider a round version. You can also find Danish cookies that come in a package with several different types and styles of butter cookies.

Peanut butter and chocolate varieties

When you want something with a little more flavor or texture, choose butter cookies with extra ingredients, including peanut butter and chocolate. Some butter cookies have a thin layer of peanut butter spread between two cookies, which makes sandwich cookies. Some companies make cookies dipped in chocolate with layers of peanut butter and thin butter wafers. You can even find chocolate cookies with miniature peanut butter cups baked inside each cookie. If you do not like artificial ingredients or flavorings, look for natural cookies. Manufacturers make these butter cookies and other types of cookies with natural ingredients, including butter, sugar and pure vanilla. You might find that some cookies add fruit or nuts to the recipe.

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