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Bvlgari Cologne

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Bvlgari Cologne

Choosing a fragrance that reflects your personality can actually make a profound impact on the way you are perceived by those around you. Men who want to exude luxury have long relied on the colognes manufactured by Bvlgari. You can find a wide selection of Bvlgari colognes here at Walgreens in order to choose the one that best accentuates your individuality.

Bvlgari's Fragrances for Men

Staying true to the company's heritage, Bvlgari colognes have always been committed to helping men pervade an air of masculinity and luxury. The brand features several unique fragrances and a number of spinoffs, which maintain the essence of the originals while adding distinctive notes, to help you find the best cologne to match your personality. The original Bvlgari Man is woodsy and authentic, while Bvlgari Man in Black adds sensual amber and Bvlgari Man Extreme includes a hint of Mediterranean freshness. The BLV Pour Homme and Bvlgari Pour Homme fragrance families add floral musk to woodsy middle notes for a sense of elegance. The brand's Aqva Pour Homme fragrances bring in a whole different set of olfactory themes by reflecting the power and beauty of the sea. All Bvlgari colognes are packaged in bottles that honor the company's devotion to sleek design, and they are almost like pieces of jewelry in and of themselves.

About Bvlgari

Greek entrepreneur Sotirio Bulgari grew up learning the silversmith's art from his father during the late 19th century before moving to Italy. Once settled, he opened his flagship store in Via Condotti and began transforming the European jewelry market. He passed on his skills and his business to his sons, and they made sure that it continued down the family line. Over the last decades, the brand has branched out into hotels and resorts, fragrances, and accessories that make it a well-known luxury brand.

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