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Calcium with Vitamin D

Do your part to keep osteoporosis at bay with supplements that contain calcium with vitamin D. If you are over 50, your doctor may prescribe calcium supplements, especially if you are female. These supplements, along with other vitamins, prevent bone fractures that potentially cost thousands of dollars in doctor visits and surgery. There are several brands of calcium supplements, including Caltrate and Vitafusion.

Complete health solution

Just taking pills is often not enough to ward off osteoporosis or other diseases of aging. Make sure you are getting proper dietary nutrition, which includes multiple servings per day of fruits, vegetables and protein. Even if you eat properly, you often need other health products to deal with potential problems. For example, as you age, your risk of diabetes increases, which means you need diabetic test strips if you are diagnosed with diabetes. Use products from trusted manufacturers, such as Nature's Bounty and Nature Made, to stay healthy throughout your golden years.