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Save time and ensure accuracy with calculators for functions ranging from simple math to complicated formulas. If you need a device for pre-algebra, statistics, trigonometry or other school subjects, choose a scientific calculator that can give you the results you need. Getting dependable numbers from a calculator is easy with options from Casio and Texas Instruments here at

Assistance with school and more

With most calculators, you don't have to buy replacement batteries because they are solar-powered. Choose a calculator with a clear, easy-to-read display to help you with anything from schoolwork to taxes. Look for devices with descriptive labels on each button that make them simple to use.

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Other options to consider include desktop calculators with displays that angle toward you while they sit on your desk. There are also printing calculators that print in two colors and come in handheld and full-size varieties. Other office supplies include file folders, paper clips and correction tape. If you need school supplies, check out our selection of rulers, backpacks and binders.

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