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Calvin Klein

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Calvin Klein

Indulge a friend or family member with the gift of Calvin Klein fragrance. Look for their favorite scent in a spray or lotion, or give them a new and delightful fragrance to try. Our selection of Calvin Klein fragrances for both men and women can help you find the special gift you?re looking for, or the scent you love to wear yourself.

Choosing a fragrance

When choosing a Calvin Klein fragrance, consider the different types available. Eau de parfum comes in both men?s and women?s scents, as well as in unisex fragrances. Eau de toilette has a lighter concentration of fragrance, so it?s a great option for a subtle scent. To help your scent last all day, you can layer it with different forms such as body lotions, splash and spray.

Find all the signature scents at Walgreens

Here at, we carry signature scents for men from Calvin Klein such as Obsession, Escape and Eternity. For women, choose among Euphoria, Contradiction and CK One for women. CK Be is a unisex scent that anyone can use for a change from the classic floral notes for women and musky scents for men.

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