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To find the canes that offers comfortable walking support for you, browse the many different kinds and sizes we carry. Depending on the level of support that you need, you can choose a heavy duty cane or a lightweight cane. There are also canes in different colors to suit a variety of tastes and preferences. These mobility aids for walking assistance are here at Walgreens.com from brands such as Nova, Medline and Drive Medical.

For easier walking

You can start narrowing your search for a cane by determining what kind of handle gives you the most stability. There are offset handles with foam cushions. Adjustable canes can fit a variety of heights, but for taller individuals there are tall canes. If you need extra support, browse bariatric canes. For added stability, you can choose a quad cane with four tips. You can even find folding canes for easy transport and storage, as well as seat canes for a convenient place to sit anywhere you go.

Maintaining mobility and more

In addition to the many types of canes that we carry, you can find cane accessories such as replacement tips in different sizes. Other mobility products include various types of crutches as well as walkers and rollators. Scooters can be fun and easy to drive in indoor and outdoor settings. Also browse our daily living aids to help with other everyday tasks.