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Canker sore treatment

Heal canker sores effectively for faster relief. Canker sore treatments can help eliminate discomfort, and some canker sore patches can even act as a barrier over the sores to protect them for faster healing. Choose your canker sore relief from brands Quantum Health, Gum and more here at Walgreens.com.

Options for relief

Choose the canker sore treatment form that works best for you. Canker sore gels or patches can keep food and drink from irritating the area. Some at home canker sore treatments and oral antiseptics are mint-flavored to help freshen your breath. Your options for canker sore relief include products that can offer fast strong protection, soothing healing and quick pain relief.

Treatment for cold sores and more

Not only can you get relief for canker sores, but you can get rid of cold sores with the treatments available here. It's ideal to have your cold sore treatment on hand so that you can fight the symptoms and aid healing right away. There are many gels, ointments and lip balms with a variety of active ingredients to choose from for your treatment.