Caramel Candy

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Caramel Candy

The rich, mouthwatering taste of caramel is satisfying whether you are eating it alone or in combination with other delicious ingredients. At Walgreens, you can discover a range of appealing caramel candy treats for you and your family to enjoy. Don't be afraid to stock up on caramel candy. It can be the perfect treat for your sweet tooth.

Chewy Caramel Bites

On its own, caramel candy is infinitely satisfying. Soft, sweet caramel provides just the right blend of flavors to satisfy any craving. At Walgreens, you can choose from several styles of chewy caramel. Filled caramel candy features soft vanilla caramel that wraps around a rich, creamy center. These old-fashioned candies will delight your taste buds with every bite. Likewise, milk caramel goodness is also available in bite-sized bites that are an easy treat to eat any time, any place.

Caramel Chocolate Combination

Caramel and chocolate are a delicious combination, which is why you can discover dozens of caramel candy treats that combine with milk and dark chocolate and other tasty ingredients. Enjoy delicious caramel dipped in milk chocolate. Choose a candy bar that features caramel, chocolate, and salty peanuts. Bite-sized treats combine caramel with buttercrunch toffee, chocolate, and almonds. Dark chocolate lovers will be delighted when they indulge in the many delicious dark chocolate and caramel combinations that are available. Sea salt caramel combines with chocolate to create a truly unique and unforgettable flavor. Explore the many delicious blends of caramel and chocolate that are available at Walgreens.

Hard Caramel Candy

Hard candy lovers will also find enticing caramel candy styles at Walgreens. A classic caramel hard candy can be a satisfying low-calorie treat. You can even find sugar free varieties. Dazzle your taste buds with the unique combination of caramel and fruit. Strawberry-filled caramels, for example, will surprise you with a creamy strawberry filling inside a hard caramel exterior.

Caramel candy is the ideal treat for sweet lovers. Whether you're stocking up on treats for the house, preparing for a party, or looking for a sweet gift for a friend or family member, caramel candy is the right choice. Give a few a try today.