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Cartier Perfume

To experience the ultimate in luxury fragrances, world-renowned brand Cartier has a perfume to suit any mood or lifestyle. Described as living poetry, carefully chosen scents from flowers, exotic spices and plant extracts are intermingled to create each unique, memorable scent.

A Model for Excellence

Known to uphold a high standard of excellence since 1847, Cartier is committed to imaginative creation and expert craftsmanship. Without sacrificing creativity, the brand is an industry role model in terms of ethical practices. Cartier scented products and perfumes are not tested on animals and do not contain animal extracts. Plant biodiversity is actively promoted by the company and natural plant materials are chosen from sustainable sources.

Cartier fragrances are classic and timeless because Cartier looks ahead, beyond current fashions, to establish something that will always be beautiful and lasting. With a range of perfumes to trigger your emotions, communicate your feelings or lift you out of the everyday and transport you to a world of dreams and ambitions, Cartier has the perfect scent for you.

Cartier for Women

Cartier fragrances act as "invisible jewelry" for women, enhancing your beauty, making you feel special, heightening your senses and giving you the X factor. To let your essence linger in your wake and captivate your audience, choose an eau de parfum for a longer-lasting scent. If you want something fresher and lighter, perhaps for the summer, an eau de toilette will bathe you in your favorite fragrance in a subtle way.

Cartier for Men

Perfume for men can help to establish identity and give men an air of mystery. You can even choose a fragrance for both women and men to give a couple a sense of belonging, like a shared secret between them or a reminder of their partner's presence when they are apart.

Express Yourself

Any emotion, mood or frame of mind can be complemented by the right scent. Whether you want to exude confidence, be daring, declare your passion, bathe in warm memories or wear something that reminds you of the comfort of home and family, you can express yourself with the Cartier fragrance of your choice.