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Cd Players

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CD Players

Even though the audio format technically reached its peak popularity more than a decade ago, CDs are still very important to the music industry today. From listening to your favorite tunes on the go to enjoying the benefits of a home stereo, you'll almost certainly find that it's worthwhile to have a CD player in the house. At Walgreens, we have a wide selection of CD players--many of which can also play other popular audio formats.

CD History and Uses

The compact disc (CD) was originally introduced in 1982 after a major collaboration between two rival companies, Sony and Philips. By standardizing the format, these music conglomerates were able to launch a new era in the music industry. Standard CDs have a diameter of 12cm and are able to play up to 74 minutes of audio. The digital format produces a much clearer sound than analog options like vinyl records or cassettes. Though mp3s started to replace CDs as the most popular music format in the late 1990s, the majority of artists still release their latest albums on CD today. Consumers also have the ability to burn their own CDs to make their music libraries more accessible.

Types of CD Players

Several different styles of CD players are available today, covering a range of price points. Most portable stereos have a built-in CD player that you can take with you to the park or the beach and listen to your own music collection. Home stereo systems will often be more complex and feature high-quality speakers that allow you to pump your music throughout your home. Many CD players can also read mp3 CDs, which are able to hold much more music than standard audio CDs. Modern systems often combine CD playing capabilities with other music formats. A typical CD player might also be equipped with AM/FM radio, a cassette deck, a turntable, and/or a digital input that allows you to plug in your mp3 player or smartphone. These types of multi-use devices ensure that you have the ability to play all of your music, regardless of the format.

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