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Ceramic irons

Create the hairstyles you love to wear by using the even heat distribution of ceramic irons. The ceramic plates and barrels of these curling iron and straightening irons are smooth, so they won't catch on your hair. Whether you like to straighten or curl your hair, you can make it easy to style your look with ceramic irons from brands such as CHI Air, Conair and Revlon.

Sleek styles

Even when you're in a hurry to get out the door, ceramic irons are a great way to style your hair. Many of these curling irons reach high temperatures in just 30 seconds. You can find specific options for styling, such as barrel wavers and curling irons. Other hair styling irons can straighten, curl or flip your hair for a variety of looks. Hair curling iron features can also include cool-touch ends, and ionic irons for less frizz and more shine.

Shield your hair

Keep your hair healthy and strong by protecting it with heat protection spray. These styling hair sprays can shield your hair from damage while helping you sculpt your ideal look. There are also hair lotions, balms and serums to help you control frizz or protect from humidity. Look for the hair products that can help keep your locks silky and smooth.