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Ceramic Rollers

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Ceramic rollers

You can use ceramic rollers to create a gorgeous head full of curls without the hair damage that often occurs with other styling tools, such as curling irons. Because of the evenly distributed heat that ceramic rollers provide, curls can stay frizz-free for hours. Once you have achieved the curls you want using your ceramic rollers, you need to use hair spray, mousse, or hair gel to keep the curl from falling out. You can start caring for your curls even before they form by smoothing a mousse or gel through your hair before you wind it around each hot roller.

Hair roller varieties

Hair rollers come in many different types, including ceramic rollers. Metallic rollers are another type, but these become much hotter than ceramic rollers and are more likely to scorch your hair. Stick rollers are bendable plastic rods that can be used to curl hair. When choosing ceramic rollers, keep in mind that wide hot rollers create looser waves, while small rollers give you tighter ringlets.

Using Hair Rollers

Before you use your ceramic rollers for the first time, practice with cool hair rollers to determine the best orientation to use to get the kinds of curls you want. Separate out sections of hair to roll them in the curlers and leave the waves to set while the roller cools. Only use ceramic hair rollers on dry hair, since wet hair can damage the rollers as well as contributing to hair breakage.

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