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Cervical collars

Use cervical collars when you have strained or injured your neck. It's best to wear your cervical collar during the day and while you sleep to ensure that you do not reinjure yourself. Walgreens.com offers collars from brands like Champion and Mabis Healthcare.

Neck collars

We have a wide variety of neck braces for children and adults. To better ensure you do not injure yourself again, all cervical collars are made of soft and supportive material to constrict your range of motion. Look for neck braces that are made with breathable material. This will eliminate the need to remove the neck brace frequently. You can keep it on throughout the entire day and night until you are ready to remove it.

Neck brace care

It is important to take care of your neck support brace so that it continues to provide the support your neck needs. We recomment you hand wash the neck support collar and allow it to air dry. Avoid placing it in the washing machine. If you purchase the snap closure neck brace, make sure the snaps are secured before washing it. Also, look for the cervial collars with a velcro closure; these our our other most popular type of cervical collars.