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Chai Tea

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Chai tea

Relax at the end of a busy day with a steaming hot cup of chai tea. offers several different brands and varieties of chai tea designed to help you satisfy all of your tea needs. Several well-known tea brands sell chai tea including Bigelow and Stash.

Herbal tea

Many healthcare professionals believe that herbal tea offers a wide host of health benefits. Some argue that chai tea is the best, while others swear that green tea should be consumed by men and women several times a day. Chai tea may or may not offer medicinal benefits, but it is still a delicious way to keep yourself hydrated. Decaffeinated versions of this herbal beverage, as well as several others, are available for folks who are concerned about the caffeine levels of their tea.

Flavored tea

You can find many different types of flavored tea at Traditional chai is often blended with apple, vanilla or other familiar flavors. Green tea combines with ginger for a rich beverage filled with antioxidants. Lemon is another popular flavor found in many teas. If you don't like hot tea, consider one of the many cold herbal teas available. Black tea and green tea are two of the flavors offered in plastic or glass bottles that are ready to be enjoyed. Refrigerate them if you wish, but this step isn't required. It is easy to toss one in your purse or backpack and drink it on the go. Don't forget to order some of your favorite organic snacks to go with your tea.

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