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Cherry Candy

The taste of cherries is a reminder of everything sweet and delicious; it's one of the world's great, favorite flavors. What could be better than cherry candy? And what a variety from which to choose! There are hard candies, chewy ones, gummies and fruit snacks with real cherry extract, full cherries in cordials, chocolate-covered fruit or cherry-infused chocolate bars -- everyone can find a favorite, or a new favorite, cherry candy. The flavors are just as varied: sweet, nicely tart, sour or lip-puckering extra-sour. If you enjoy cherry candy, you'll find what you crave among this wide selection. The only things missing are the pits!

Children's Classics

Who doesn't remember a bag or bowl full of cherry candy? They come in every form that a child -- or a child at heart -- could possibly want. Hard cherry candy to suck on, cherry-flavored twists to savor, chewy bites, liquid-filled candy that bursts when you bite them, gummies that seem to last forever, cherry sour bombs that make your eyes water with goodness: they all have their special attraction. For a different, exciting taste, try the combination cherry-licorice candy chews. There are even some cherry candy choices for the more adult tastes -- particularly the chocolate fiends among us -- with cherry-infused chocolate bars, to combine two of the world's great flavors. Don't forget sugar-free cherry candies as well, so nobody has to miss out on the flavor-filled fun!

Other Cherry Treats

As wonderful as cherry candy can be, it doesn't all have to just be about candy to enjoy the delicious taste. Breath fresheners and gum come in cherry flavor, too, as a pleasing break anytime during the day. And remember those wonderful cherry cordials and chocolate-covered cherries? No family holiday gathering, formal dinner, wedding reception or other occasion where the hosts want to make a special impression seems complete without them. Natural cherry treats, made with real fruit extract or actual dried cherries, are also among the selection. They're great for a healthy, low-calorie, delicious snack -- the exquisite natural flavor of cherries can be enjoyed at home, on the road or during a camping trip.