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Cherry Cough Drops

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Cherry Cough Drops

Coughing is one of the peskiest symptoms often associated with common illnesses like the common cold. A lingering cough can make it difficult to get much of anything accomplished. There are ways to help manage your cough at home. Cough drops are among the easiest products you may be able to use to reduce some of your symptoms. Some of the most appealing cough drops are made with a pleasant cherry flavor. Here at Walgreens, you can find a wide assortment of cherry cough drops to help you get through your sickness more comfortably.

Why Use Cough Drops?

When you're sick, coughing is one of your body's natural healing mechanisms. The process helps remove mucus and foreign substances from your lungs (which is one reason why doctors usually recommend that you don't try to eliminate an occasional productive cough that is not severe). Sometimes, however, your cough crosses the line between being helpful and just being annoying and uncomfortable. If you find that your cough is making it difficult to perform your daily tasks or sleep, then cough drops are among the most trusted products to help get your cough under control. You should always talk to your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about your cough. Ask if you can safely address your symptoms with cough drops.

Types of Cherry Cough Drops

You'll find several different varieties of cough drops to choose from. Cherry is one of the most popular flavors. Non-medicated cough drops may be similar to regular hard candies, and they can help stimulate saliva production that may help soothe your sore or irritated throat. While these products don't actually have any active ingredients, you may find that you are less likely to cough when your mouth is moist. Other non-medicated cough drops are made with certain herbs that may help soothe your throat further. Medicated cough drops might contain active ingredients that can help ease discomfort from a mild sore throat and help to temporarily reduce coughing. Since medicated cough drops might otherwise not taste great, the addition of cherry flavoring often makes them much more palatable.

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