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Cherry cough syrup

For kids who love just about anything cherry-flavored, there's convenient cherry cough syrup. Try giving your little ones this flavor of cough syrup to help make it easier for them to take. You can find both day and night time formulas to relieve their symptoms. Choose cherry cough syrup from brands such as Triaminic and Zarbee's for childrens cough, cold and flu relief.

Finding the right cough syrup

To help your kids get through their cough, cold or flu, choose a cherry cough syrup that can relieve their particular symptoms. For a runny nose and cough, try a multi-symptom cough and cold syrup. If they have aches and pains caused by the flu or the common cold, choose a fever reducer pain reliever syrup.

Soothe their discomfort

If you need quick relief for coughs and sore throats, try a sore throat spray that's safe for children to use under supervision. Many of these throat sprays even come in cherry flavor. Cough drops and lozenges made with oral anesthetics are available in a range of flavors, including berry, strawberry and cherry.