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Chest expectorants

Chest expectorants help get rid of mucus that blocks the lungs. A wide selection of chest expectorants in tablet, syrup and other forms is available for shipment directly to you.

Mucus relief products

Chest expectorants work by loosening phlegm that builds up in the lungs as a response to upper respiratory infections. They can be used alone or with other common cold remedies such as pain relievers and decongestants to help treat the symptoms of chest colds and similar disorders. Chest expectorants are available in syrup form for both children and adults, and Walgreens offers its own brand of expectorant syrup as well as a full selection of well-known national brands. Walgreens also offers a choice between its own brand and national brands of effervescent chest expectorant tablets and tablets that contain both chest expectorants and decongestants for relief of multiple cold symptoms. Special chest expectorant formulas include natural formulas that combine herbal remedies such as echinacea with traditional chest expectorants, as well as extra-strength combinations of cough suppressant and expectorant ingredients to relieve severe coughing.

Selecting chest expectorants

Effervescent expectorant tablets and syrups are available in extended-release and immediate-release formulas. Keep a package of each type available, so you will have an expectorant on hand to quickly relieve symptoms caused by a buildup of mucus, and another product with which you can follow up to keep your lungs clear as you recover from a cold or the flu. Formulas that contain decongestants and cough suppressants along with chest expectorants are convenient to use when you need reliable relief from multiple cold symptoms.