Children Laxatives

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Children Laxatives

Constipation can make it difficult or uncomfortable for a child to have a bowel movement. When your child is constipated, they may benefit from the gentle support a laxative offers. At Walgreens, we offer gentle, child-friendly laxatives that can help kids get the relief they need. Explore the available options to learn more and talk to your pediatrician about which laxative is right for your child.

How Does Magnesium Oxide Work?

Constipation is an unpleasant experience for kids and one that most parents deal with at some point in a child's life. Kids and parents can enjoy the convenience that chewable laxatives for kids offer. An active ingredient in popular laxative tablets is magnesium hydroxide. Magnesium hyrdoxide is a gentle mineral-based compound that some doctors and pharmacists may recommend to children and adults who are constipated. Unlike some laxative ingredients, magnesium hydroxide is less likely to cause side effects like cramping and tummy upset. Laxatives that contain magnesium hydroxide usually work within 30 minutes to six hours. Chewable laxatives for kids are available in kid-friendly flavors.

Are Glycerin Suppositories Effective?

For fast relief of constipation in children, many pediatricians recommend suppositories that contain glycerin. Glycerin helps soften hard stools by increasing the amount of water in the intestines so that they're easier to pass. After using a glycerin suppository, kids typically experience a bowel movement within an hour. Glycerin laxative suppositories are available with a mess-free, no-hassle applicator you use once and then discard. It's a child and parent-friendly way to deliver constipation relief to a child who needs it.

Are Suppositories Safe?

When used as directed for occasional constipation, glycerin suppository laxatives usually don't cause side effects although some children experience mild rectal irritation after using one. Always use glycerin suppository laxatives as directed. They're only meant to be used rectally, not by mouth.

Can I Use an Enema for Constipation?

Saline enemas can offer fast relief for occasional constipation by injecting a saline solution into the anus to encourage a bowel movement. Enemas are available with a disposable squeeze bottle that's quick and simple to use. A pre-lubricated tip makes it hassle-free to insert into the anus and deliver the constipation relief your child needs. Enemas are typically made for children between the ages of two and 11. Saline enema laxatives generally offer relief within a few minutes. Each enema laxative comes with complete instructions on how to use it. Read carefully to ensure your child gets the best results. When your child can't get relief from other methods, saline enemas are an option some doctors may recommend. Enemas are usually not painful although some children find them to be uncomfortable for a brief period of time.

Persistent Constipation

Children laxatives are meant for relief of short-term constipation. If you think your child is constipated, talk with your pediatrician. He or she can help you decide if your child needs an over-the-counter product to help relieve constipation. Always follow the guidelines listed in the description and package insert. Some laxatives aren't appropriate for a baby or children younger than a certain age. Your pediatrician can help you select the laxative that's best for your child.