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Chrome Cologne

Your cologne is an extension of who you are, a part of you that people recognize and remember. Once you've found the right signature scent, you want to wear it daily. Walgreens can help you stay stocked up on your favorite cologne products. The selection of men's fragrance products at Walgreens includes a number of Azzarro Chrome cologne sprays and sets to meet your fragrance needs.

A Timeless Classic

Azzaro introduced Chrome in 1996, and the fragrance has been a favorite among men of all ages ever since. Part of the reason why the cologne has taken the world by storm is that it was made to be a truly timeless fragrance for men. The scent draws inspiration from classic colognes of the past with updated notes to make it appealing to modern men. The scent of Chrome is meant to conjure images of strong, confident men and to appeal to men across generational lines.

Features of Azzaro Chrome

Azzaro Chrome is truly unique among men's fragrance products on the market today due to its special formulation. The scents of most colognes change throughout the day with top notes detected immediately after application and base notes standing out more hours after application. Chrome was developed to have a linear composition, meaning that its scent does not change throughout the day. Instead, the men's fragrance treats the senses to a mix of citrus, green herbs, natural woods and ginger all day long. The fragrance is often described as aquatic, and the light blue color of the cologne reflects this.

An Array of Options

The popularity of Chrome cologne has led Azzaro to offer the scent in many forms. You can purchase the classic Chrome eau de toilette spray in small travel-sized bottles as well as in large bottles to suit your needs. Azzaro also offers limited edition versions of the fragrance. These products have slightly different scents than the original Chrome and are a great way to add some variety to your fragrance collection. You can even purchase gift sets that include the eau de toilette spray and grooming products scented with Chrome cologne.