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Clinique Happy

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Clinique Happy

What makes you happy? Is it eating ice cream, laughing with friends, playing with a puppy, or helping someone in need? Whatever makes you happy, will make you smile. And one thing for sure -- smiles are contagious. Clinique is all about happiness and spreading smiles; that's why it developed its best-selling fragrance -- Clinique Happy.

Happy Fragrances

Clinique Happy mixes the fresh scent of ruby red grapefruit and mandarin oranges with the sweet, floral aroma of magnolias, lily of the valley, and morning-dew orchids. The combination of these sparkling, cheerful scents is why so many women make Clinique Happy Perfume Spray their go-to perfume. It's not too heavy, but yet, the fragrance lasts all day.

More Happy Products

If you are a fan of Happy Perfume Spray, you'll love the other Clinique Happy products. You can get your day off to a refreshing start with Clinique Happy Body Wash. In the bath, this fragrant body gel gives you just the right amount of foaming, sensual suds, and you'll love the creamy lather when you shower. Not only does it offer an enticing aroma, the body wash is always soothing and never drying.

Next, why not layer your scent with Happy Body Cream. This fresh light scent is the perfect mate to your Happy Perfume Spray and Body Wash, and this velvety cream will hydrate your skin, leaving it silky smooth. If you prefer a body lotion rather than a cream, try Clinique Happy Body Smoother for the same great hydrating effect.

Allergy Tested

You'll be happy to know that all of Clinique products are allergy tested and formulated without any known allergens. In fact, every product is tested 12 times on 600 people. If even one person has a reaction, Clinique starts the formulation process all over again. Women love these products because they never have to worry about skin reactions, and that is something to be happy about.

For a crisp spring-like scent that lasts all day, use Clinique Happy products. And if that doesn't make you happy enough, the compliments you receive with every "hello hug" will have you smiling and spreading the joy.

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