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Coffee Mate

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The next time that you want to add more flavor or cream that won't go bad to your coffee, reach for a canister of Coffee-Mate. The product is just as effective at flavoring your coffee as a traditional dairy coffee cream. Coffee-Mate now comes in several different flavors, including vanilla and hazelnut.

Original coffee creamer

Coffee mate launched its line with the original flavor coffee creamer. This type of liquid coffee creamer has the same taste as real cream. Many businesses and organizations use the product because they do not have space for storing cream. Some restaurants even use the powdered version because they don't have enough room in the refrigerators for bottles of cream or milk. The original version comes in both a powdered and liquid version. Both versions add a touch of real cream flavor to your coffee cup.

Flavored creamers

You can also find flavored coffee creamers in addition to the original flavor. These flavored versions have both the taste of real cream and the hint of another flavor in each spoonful. The hazelnut variety has a hint of real hazelnut flavor. You can even find a fat-free version of the hazelnut creamer that adds flavor to your coffee without any additional fat. The French vanilla flavor uses hints of vanilla that add sweetness to an otherwise bitter coffee. Like the hazelnut powdered creamer, the French vanilla also comes in a fat-free variety. Coffee mate powdered and liquid creamers are a suitable way to change the flavor of your coffee without adding any extra calories.

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