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Cologne for Men

If you're looking for cologne for men, we've got what you need here at Walgreens.com. Whether you're looking for fragranced deodorant, aftershave, scented shower gels or just cologne spray for yourself, we have a broad and varied product selection.

Men's Cologne in many forms

You might be surprised at our wide selection of cologne for men. Men's colognes come in a variety of forms and products. In addition to traditional men's cologne sprays, you can find favorite scents in shave gel and shave cream. Just as popular are the body sprays for men, facial scrubs, and men's body washes. You'll also find men's cologne gift sets which may include different products in the same scent, cologne sample sets from one brand all packaged together.

Perfume for ladies

Don't forget about the women's perfumes that come in sprays, lotions, powders and balms. Perfume is a very personal choice and there are several forms to choose from. There is the traditional women's spray perfume, scented lotions, perfumed dusting powders and even cologne balms. Try a perfume gift set to get a favorite scent in multiple forms that can include lotion, body sprays and mists for women, body wash, and women's travel-size cologne. There are also women's perfume gift sets that contain multiple scents from one brand packaged together.

If you don't have a favorite scent yet, try a perfume or cologne sampler set. You could also try your favorite celebrity's perfume or cologne.