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Colon cleanse

If you are experiencing mild constipation or other occasional digestive troubles, a colon cleanse might bring you considerable relief. These over-the-counter products are designed to work gently with your digestive system. Colon cleansers come in both powder and capsule forms for your convenience. Powder colon cleansers can be mixed with water or your favorite beverage.

Colon cleanse formats

Colon cleanse products come in either capsules or as a powder. Most of these products are fiber supplements that work as laxatives to bring you relief from digestive discomfort. The additional fiber, often in the form of psyllium, is reported to help your digestive system function smoothly. Some of the colon cleanses contain additional digestive enzymes to help your body digest food efficiently and to support good digestive health. Other colon cleanses contain prebiotics and probiotics to help restore or maintain the delicate environment in your intestines. These helpful bacteria aid in the digestion and elimination of food.

Using a laxative

Follow the directions on your colon cleanse product. The recommended dose varies considerably among laxative brands. Some suggest that you take four capsules twice a day, while others require just one capsule daily. Generally, a fiber supplement must be taken with water to ensure that your body can process it properly. If you use a herbal supplement powder, follow the product directions for mixing it with water, juice or other beverages. To keep the digestive enzymes and probiotics active, store the colon cleanse in a cool environment away from direct sunlight. Consult a medical professional if you have questions or concerns about the suitability of a colon cleanse for your health needs.