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Compact Rowing Machines

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Compact Rowing Machines

Many people prefer to be able to work out at home rather than going to the gym. Rowing machines are a favorite among fitness professionals because they are incredibly effective and relatively easy to use. Here at Walgreens, we have a wide selection of compact rowing machines that can help improve your stamina and build muscle.

Why Use a Rowing Machine?

While the vast majority of exercise machines target one or two specific body parts, rowing machines offer a total-body workout. The rowing motion is recommended by a number of trainers and sports medicine professionals because it activates the core muscles in addition to those in the arms and legs, but it is also a low-impact activity that doesn't generally put undue strain on joints. Rowing machines have gotten so popular recently that certain innovative exercise regimens completely revolve around the use of a rower.

How to Choose a Rowing Machine

Full-sized rowing machines like you might find at the gym are very large and would take up too much room in the average home. If you want to bring this effective workout to your living room, a compact rowing machine may be a better choice.

The type of resistance provided by the machine varies depending on the construction, and you'll have to choose between options that utilize piston, air, magnetic, or water resistance. Your goal when using the machine should be to achieve a motion that mimics actually rowing on water--so you should try to find a machine with movements that are as smooth as possible.

Some people are content simply keeping track of rowing reps on their own, but others prefer to track their progress using an electronic display. If you choose a machine with a monitor, you can keep track of factors like your stroke count, workout time, and calories burned.

Depending on the size of your home, another consideration you might need to take into account when choosing a compact rowing machine is how easily it can collapse for convenient storage.

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