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Compression Ankle Braces

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Compresion Ankle Braces

Compression ankle braces are specially designed to give your ankle added support. This is important if you've sprained it or have an old ankle injury. At Walgreens, we offer a variety of ankle braces for nearly all sizes and shapes of feet and ankles. These braces are designed to fit snugly and securely without feeling constrictive or sacrificing comfort. They're ideal when you're on the go but your ankle needs a little extra support. Be sure to talk to your doctor and ask if a compression ankle brace is right for you.

How Do Ankle Braces Work?

When your ankle is injured, your doctor may advise you to wear an ankle brace. Ankle compression braces slide on like a sock and naturally conform to the contours of your ankle and leg. These braces support your ankle in a comfortable way while providing additional security and reinforcement until your ankle is completely healed. The material used to make ankle braces stretches four ways for the best fit possible. Ankle braces come in 4 sizes from small to extra-large. To determine your size, simply measure your in-step. Regardless of the size of your ankle or foot, there's most certainly a compression ankle brace to meet your needs and follow your doctor's orders.

Materials Used in Ankle Braces

Although compression ankle braces fit snugly for maximal support, the material they're made of is usually breathable. As a result, moisture doesn't accumulate and cause odor. Compression ankle braces are available that are free of latex or neoprene. If you have an allergy to these materials, choose an ankle brace that is neoprene and latex-free. If it's free of these materials, it should say so in the description. Some fitness trainers and orthopedists recommend wearing a compression brace if you have a sprained ankle or have experienced an ankle injury in the past. If you have questions as to whether a compression ankle brace is right for you, talk to your doctor.

Circulatory Ankle Socks

If you have diabetes or poor circulation, most doctors agree that regular foot care is essential. Ask your doctor about circulatory ankle socks and if they might be helpful for you. Diabetic and circulatory ankle socks have a non-binding top and are made of stretchy, non-irritating, non-compressive fabric that can help maximize blood flow to your feet and ankles while absorbing excess moisture. Circulatory socks typically have special seams and soles designed to reduce friction and foot irritation. Some circulatory ankle socks also help reduce the growth of yeast and bacteria that cause foot infections. Plus, circulatory ankle socks are designed with comfort in mind. Whether you sit, stand or walk most of the day, these socks offer a unique blend of comfort and functionality.

Caring for Feet and Ankles

Be sure to see your doctor if you have an ankle injury rather than self-treating without advice. This is especially important if you experience significant swelling, redness or have problems bearing weight on an ankle. Also, see your doctor for regular foot care if you have diabetes or circulation problems.

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