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Computer Mouse

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Computer mouse

If your old computer mouse has stopped working, choose a new replacement mouse from the wide selection available for purchase. Choose from an assortment of brands and styles to find the right mouse to fulfill your personal needs. even has a wide selection of bright colors from bright green to blue to pink.

Battery-powered mouse

If you need a new mouse for your desktop or notebook computer, try an optical mouse. This type of computer mouse does not need a cord, so you do not have to worry about cords getting tangled or knocking things over on your desktop as you work. The wireless mouse has a sleep mode that turns it off when it is not being used to prolong the life of its batteries. This kind of mouse does not require any type of software; it is ready for use as soon as it is turned on. You can purchase a battery-powered computer mouse in a variety of colors to suit your individual style.

Corded mouse

If you do not like using the touchpad on your laptop, notebook, or netbook, purchase a mini mouse. A corded mini mouse often has a retractable cord that makes it easy to store in a laptop bag when it is not in use. The USB-powered mouse plugs into an available USB port on your laptop, so you will not have to worry about replacing batteries in your mouse. This type of computer mouse has three buttons and a scroll wheel just like any other kind of mouse.

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