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Conair flat irons

If you want to smooth out unruly hair, the styling tool of choice is a flat iron like the irons Conair offers. Conair flat irons come in a wide variety of styles and price points, so it's easy to find just the right one for you. Walgreens.com offers Conair products of all types from flat irons to hot rollers, brushes and combs.

Hair straighteners

Conair flat irons make great hair straighteners because they provide flat, heated plates that clamp down on your hair and lock it into place. Conair makes both ceramic straighteners and tourmaline straighteners, so you have a choice of which material you prefer. Both types work well to straighten hair, but tourmaline irons produce more negative ions, which strengthens hair and makes it look silkier.

Multifunctional styling irons

In the Infinity by Conair product line, there are also newer multifunctional styling irons that combine the straightening power of Conair flat irons with a curved edge that lets you twist the device to add curls to your hair. If you can't decide between a flat iron and a curling iron or just want a choice on which hairstyle you want, this could be the perfect hair styling tool for you.