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Conair Round Brushes

A good hairbrush is sometimes the secret to an amazing hairstyle. Conair Round Brushes make styling hair a snap, especially when paired with heating tools or a high quality blow dryer. Different colored handles and a choice of bristle styles allows you to choose the brush that best suits your personal preferences as well as your styling needs.

Comfortable Grip for Easy Styling

Soft gel handles in an array of pretty colors make styling with Conair brushes as comfortable as it is convenient. The ease of use with these brushes becomes most apparent as you craft hairstyles single-handedly while you are blow-drying your hair. The brushes have a contoured handle that fits comfortably in either hand, allowing for twists and turns as you style like a pro.

Varying Barrels for Different Styles

Knowing the size of the curls or waves you are hoping to achieve can help you to choose the right Conair Round Brush. These brushes are available with different brush diameters such as medium, large, and extra-large. This allows you to craft the desired volume and shape for your hairstyle. Round brushes tend to work well for medium to long hair and can be helpful in straightening or styling curly or wavy hair as well as straight hair.

Brushes for Perfect Blowouts

Many of the round hair brushes on the market come with metal cores, allowing your brush to double as a heating tool when paired with your hair dryer. Conair offers brushes with an aluminum core, a special tourmaline core and tourmaline infused bristles, leveraging the benefits of the negative ions. This helps to reduce static electricity while also locking in the hair's natural moisture. The ceramic coating on the brush barrel also helps to dry your hair more quickly. The ceramic and tourmaline composition results in smoother, sleeker styles that you will notice right away in the look and the texture of your hair following styling. Simply straighten your hair with ease or add volume, waves, curls, or a "flipped" style to your hair with a fine quality round hairbrush from Conair.