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Contact Cleaners

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Contact cleaners

There are different contact cleaners for each kind of contact lens. Each solution has the same goal: to clear your contacts of any germs or dirt that may affect the health of your eyes. carries contact cleaners from well-known brands like Bausch & Lomb and Alcon.

Contact cleaning solutions

For people who wear contacts, contact cleaners are nothing new. These contact solutions come in various formulas, but they are all designed to clean off debris that comes from your eyes, and from the air around your eyes. The type of solution you use will depend on your contacts. Some people who use disposable contacts may never use contact cleaners. If you use long-term contacts, however, you will need to clean your contacts daily. Most cleaners come with a contact case. You can place your contacts in the case with cleaning solution overnight, or you can wash them as needed throughout the day.

Specially formulated contact cleaners

Some people have special needs when it comes to eye contact solutions. There are solutions for people with sensitive eyes. These contact solutions are free of irritants that cause some people discomfort. Other solutions are designed to kill specific bacterias that some people produce in excess. Some contact cleaners are designed for occasional use, while others work best when you let your contacts soak in them overnight. In addition to cleaners, you may also need a multipurpose saline solution for rinsing the cleaner off your contacts. Saline solution is a mild liquid that is safe for use with contacts, so it is gentle enough for regular use.

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