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Contact Lens Cleaners

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Contact lens cleaners

Make sure your contact lenses are comfortable to wear by using contact lens cleaners to keep them fresh. Contact cleaners can disinfect your lenses and remove debris and protein that can irritate your eyes. Some can even help your contacts stay moist and flexible during wear. With regular care using contact lens cleaners from Bausch & Lomb, Alcon and Complete here at, you can help your eyes stay healthy and see clearly every day.

Contact lens care and accessories

Take good care of your lenses with contact lens cleaning solutions and contact lens disinfectant that can fight bacteria that cause infection. Browse our entire selection of contact lens solution to find the ones that can help your contacts stay wet, clean and fresh. Multi purpose contact solutions offer a combination of benefits, as do gentle contact solutions for sensitive eyes.

Everyday storage and comfort

To store your contact lenses, choose a contact lens case from our wide assortment. Try fashion contact lens cases that can be colorful and functional or contact cases that make it easy for you to find your lenses before putting them on. And to help keep your contacts comfortable throughout the day, choose contact lens eye drops such as rewetting drops. These are made to be used while you're wearing your lenses, and can refresh and hydrate anytime.

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