Contact Lens Eye Drops

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Contact lens eye drops

If you wear contact lenses and your eyes become dry over the course of the day, try contact lens eye drops. Formulated to hydrate, these eye drops for contact lenses can refresh both your eyes and your contact lenses. Some contact eye drops can help flush out particles that can cause irritation or discomfort. Others offer long-lasting comfort. Keep contact lens rewetting drops from Clear Eyes and Visine on hand to help your lenses stay comfortable and fresh.

See clearly and comfortably

Most eye drops for contacts offer instant moisture and soothing relief. Some formulas can work with a certain type of contact lenses, and others are compatible with multiple types of lenses. You'll find eye drops with different ingredients, including some that use naturally occurring substances for a gentler feel.

Keep them clean

Make sure your contact lenses are comfortable to wear by using contact lens cleaners. Contact cleaners can disinfect your lenses to keep them free of debris and protein deposits. Some can even help your contacts stay moist and flexible while you wear them. Also choose between disinfecting contact solution and multi-purpose contact solution to find the ones that can help your contacts stay fresh and healthy.

Contact lens care and accessories

To store your contact lenses, choose a contact lens case from the variety here. There are fashion contact lens cases that can be colorful and functional, as well as contact cases that make it easy for you to find your lenses before putting them on.