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Contact Saline Solution

Whether you wear hard or soft lenses, disposables or continuous wear varieties, saline solution is a must-have for your contact lens care regimen. This solution is a mix of sterile water and salt. Saline solution is similar to the natural tears produced by your eyes and has several uses in contact lens care. After you have rubbed your contacts with a cleaner, you should use saline to rinse away the product before putting your lenses in your case. If you need to take your contact lenses out briefly to shower or for another reason, you can place saline solution in your contact lens case for temporary soaking. In the morning after soaking your contacts in disinfectant, you can use saline solution to rinse them clean before putting them in your eyes. Some eye doctors recommend deep enzymatic cleaning of non-disposable contact lenses on a regular basis to remove build-up from their surfaces. Most of these enzymatic cleaners are tablets that are dropped into saline solution. You can also use saline solution to rinse off an eyelash or any other debris that may become stuck to your contact lenses.

Saline Solutions to Help You Care for Your Contatcs

Walgreens carries saline solutions from some of the most trusted names in contact lens care. You'll find many options from which to choose in the collection, including money-saving multi-packs that contain more than one bottle of solution. Some products come in aerosol bottles and are labeled "preservative free." These formulas are intended for individuals who have sensitive eyes and cannot use traditional contact solution. Never try to mix your own saline solution at home. Tap and bottled water could pose a risk for eye infections. Your eye doctor may have recommended a specific brand of saline solution for the unique needs of your eyes, and in this case, you should only use the recommended product. If you're unsure which type of saline solution is best for your contacts, ask your eye doctor for a recommendation and then browse the selection at Walgreens to find your product and to get the best price on all your contact lens supplies.