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Contact Solution For Eye Drops

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Contact Solution for Eye Drops

Your contact lenses allow you to see clearly while freeing you from the hassles that can come from wearing eyeglasses; however, you need to take good care of your contacts to ensure a comfortable fit and protect your eyes. Finding the right eye drops solution to meet your lens care needs is important. At Walgreens, we make it simple to find the ideal contact solution for eye drops with a large selection of products.

The Importance of Using Contact-Safe Eye Drops

During the day, your eyes may begin to feel irritated and dry due to wearing contact lenses. You may even find that your vision becomes blurred after hours of wear. These symptoms often arise when contacts become dry throughout the day, and you can address the problems by moistening your contacts. It is important that you only use solutions made specifically for contacts for moisturizing. Plain tap water can contain contaminants that could put you at risk for infection, and ordinary eye drops may leave deposits on lenses that interfere with vision. Fortunately, there are many types of contact solution eye drops available to meet your needs and ensure your comfort when wearing contacts all day.

Rewetting Drops for On-the-Go Refreshing

Rewetting drops are a convenient eye drop solution for contact lenses. These products come in small bottles, so they are easy to carry with you during the day. You can use the rewetting drops with your contacts still in place on your eyes, just as you would use an ordinary eye drop product. Rewetting drops are available in preservative free and traditional forms. Your eye doctor can help you decide which type is right for you.

Multitasking Multipurpose Solutions

Multipurpose contact solutions are another option for moistening contacts. These products also function as cleansers, rinses and storage solutions for lenses. Some multipurpose contact solutions can be used like eye drops; however, the bottles are usually larger than ordinary eye drop bottles. Other multipurpose solutions should not be administered directly to your eyes. With these products, you'll need to remove your contacts, rinse them with the solution to moisten them and then put them back onto your eyes.

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