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Coromega Orange

Taking a daily Omega-3 supplement has never been easier. Taking large pills might be unappealing, or you might struggle to find a supplement that actually tastes good. Coromega Orange supplements were designed to combine effective and high-quality ingredients with an appealing taste. Discover how good Omega-3 supplementation can be with Coromega Orange. Ask your doctor if these supplements are right for you.

Coromega Orange Benefits

Walgreens offers an array of Coromega Orange products, allowing you to embrace the benefits of Omega-3s in a new way. Squeeze packets are a flavorful way to supplement your diet, giving you a daily dose of vitamin D and two important Omega-3 fatty acids -- EPA and DHA. Choose from fruity flavors like orange and tropical orange for your daily Omega-3 supplementation. Natural citrus flavors are combined in these supplements, meaning you're less likely to experience any fishy taste or fishy burps, which often come with Omega-3 supplements.

Coromega Orange supplements are free of sugar and artificial sweeteners, dairy, yeast, wheat, and gluten. This natural triglyceride formula is easy to ingest, thanks to its delicious flavor. Even children can enjoy the benefits of Coromega Orange. Kid-friendly squeeze packets come in a flavor that youngsters will enjoy, allowing them to embrace the benefits of EPA and DHA without having to take large softgels. Children over age 4 can take Coromega Orange supplements, under the guidance of their pediatricians.

Talk to your doctor to decide whether Omega-3 fatty acids are a good idea to add to your diet. Together, you and your physician can assess the potential benefits of Coromega Orange before beginning a supplementation regimen.

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