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CoverGirl Bronzer

For women with fair complexions bronzers can deliver a warm, beautiful glow. Bronzers can also give the illusion of a tan without the dangers of the sun. Enhance your cheeks or add an all-over radiance to your look with CoverGirl Bronzers. Application is a snap and the results are immediate. Augment your existing makeup routine with a touch of warmth for your skin.

Different Kinds of Bronzers

CoverGirl Bronzers are available in a variety of styles to suit your personal needs and preferences. Choose loose powder for a light and airy application that reflects light and brightens your appearance with a sunny glow. Consider a soft powder bronzer for a delicately bronzed glow. A more natural bronzer selection allows you to enhance your radiance without adding too much shine. You can also get a lovely matte glow for your face with a lightweight formula that blends easily. Create the look of a natural tan with dermatologist-approved bronzer formulas. CoverGirl also offers oil-free formulas that are approved for all skin types.

How to Apply Bronzer

Depending on the product you select, bronzer typically comes with an applicator or works well with a foam pad or puff. You can also apply bronzer with your fingertips. For the look of a natural tan, you may wish to roll your brush over the bronzer, collecting enough powder to do the job, and then tap lightly on your hand to free loose particles. Finally, dust the bronzer over your skin where the sun naturally falls for a gorgeous look.

Lovely Bronzer Shades to Consider

Bronzers help to highlight your skin tone, bringing in warmer hues and brightening areas as needed. You can choose all-over bronzers, those designed for just the areas where the sun hits your face, and bronzer cosmetics designed for your cheeks as a blusher. CoverGirl Bronzers come in a variety of shades to complement your skin tone, including Light Bronze, Copper Radiance, Golden Tan, and a palette of three shades built into one.

Bronzer to Enhance Your Appearance

Many of the CoverGirl Bronzers offer additional benefits beyond the warm coloring enrichment they provide. Bronzers can give you the look of a natural tan without relying on the sun's rays or tanning salons. The lightweight formulas blend nicely with your existing cosmetics, especially foundation. Mineral formulas reflect light for an all-over glow that brightens your look. Some bronzers can also help to control shine, providing a polished matte finish.